Brunswick County has a growing and experienced labor pool.  We offer a highly productive workforce for companies concerned about the quality of their products and services.  We have a strong diversified industrial base.  Wage rates are lower than US and NC averages and have a low turnover rate.  North Carolina is a Right-to-Work state and has the nation's lowest union and membership rate.

North Carolina's workers' compensation legislation and insurance rates generally cost employers less money than other states.  Worker's Compensation includes the following, which could contribute substantially to labor cost-savings for NC employers:

  • Self-insurance is permitted
  • Insurance rates lower than the standard industry rates are permitted for firms that qualify
  • Free accident-prevention workshops designed for each product manufactured are offered
  • Clear-cut accident on the job is a condition for benefit compensation

North Carolina is one of 21 states with a "right-to-work" law.