Board of Directors

The Brunswick County Economic Development Commission is the only authorized economic development agency for Brunswick County. The Commission was originally formed as the Resources Development Commission for Brunswick County during the 1961 session of the North Carolina General Assembly. In 1963 a general election was held and the formation of the Commission was approved.

Because the name was confusing, on July 1, 1993 the Resources Development Commission was officially changed to the Brunswick County Economic Development Commission. The new name more accurately reflects the functions of the agency.

The Commission was formed to spur economic development and has worked for years to increase capital investment and the tax base for Brunswick County and provide jobs for its citizenry.

Membership of the Commission consists of thirteen directors, all of whom are appointed by the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners. Two members represent each of the five electoral districts and three are from Brunswick County at large. Board members serve a minimum term of three years.

The regularly monthly meeting are held within the offices of Brunswick Electric on the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise announced.

Board Directors

Don M. Hughes, Chairman
Dr. Mike Reaves, Vice Chairman,
Dianne F. McRainey, Secretary & Treasurer

Ralph C. King
Thomas Adams
Dick Blouse
Stephen Dragos
William S. Kirby
Donald Ray Long
James McKoy
Jonathan Tait
Gary Lesh

Allen Bryant