RTM lite USA to be First Tenant in Brunswick Community College Incubator

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RTM lite USA announced today that it has chosen the Brunswick Community College Business Incubator for their plastics injection molding operation.  An example of the products they will manufacture at  this location is the fin found on surfboards.  RTM lite USA is an Australian company that will become incorporated in the state of North Carolina, moving their manufacturing process from China to the United States.   The project will create approximately six to fourteen new jobs during the first two years of operations, with an additional five to eight sales people located across the US and neighboring countries.     

“We look forward to beginning operations at our manufacturing facility in the Brunswick Community College Business Incubator,” said Scott Crump, President of RTM lite USA.  “Brunswick County’s central East Coast location and business-friendly environment were major factors in choosing the location to bring our manufacturing processes to the United States.  The Brunswick Community College Leland Center’s close proximity and access to the Port of Wilmington will facilitate quick distribution of our product to customers located across the globe.  The Business Incubator’s location within the Brunswick Community College Leland Center provides quality education, one-on-one business start-up counseling, resources, referrals, career and workforce training opportunities and the competitive edge businesses need to succeed.  RTM lite USA explored several real estate options in Brunswick County, as well as surrounding communities, and we chose the facility that could meet our aggressive timeline to start operations and accommodate future growth.  Production is scheduled to begin in October 2013.”  

“The location of RTM lite USA in the Brunswick Community College Business Incubator is great news for Brunswick County and an excellent fit with the announcement today of the expansion of this incubator,” said Jim Bradshaw, Director of Brunswick County Economic Development Commission.  “The Business Incubator is representative of the great partnership between the county and Brunswick Community College.  The existing and future incubator space at Brunswick Community College was designed to attract small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing affordable space with professional staff assistance to begin their operations. Though the entrepreneur may only start with three to five jobs when in the incubator, by the time they leave the incubator and can afford to set up their own operations, a much larger investment with additional employees will have a much better impact on the region’s economy.”

The Brunswick Community College Business Incubator in Brunswick Community College's Leland Center, located in the Leland Industrial Park, maintains a commitment to economic development by providing educational programs to the community that enhance marketplace knowledge, skills and abilities.  The Leland Center responds rapidly and effectively to meet the needs of business and industry through its adaptability.  The business and industry services provided by the Center include: work-based assessments, pre-employment training, trades programs, entrepreneurial counseling and seminars, computer labs, distance learning capabilities, and customized training.  The same talented and responsive staff that operate the BCC Leland Center oversee and maintain the Incubator.   The Incubator has been awarded a $400,000 grant from the EDA and Golden Leaf for expansion, eliminating any mortgage on the facility.


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