Sales In Some Brunswick Neighborhoods Broke Records In 2015

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By Cece Nunn, posted Jan 25, 2016

As new residents continued to flock to parts of southeastern North Carolina from colder states, some Brunswick County communities broke home-sale records in 2015.

On the southern end of the county, St. James Plantation celebrated one of its best years “since the start of the 21st century,” with nearly $60 million in sales and more than $80 million in new home construction, said Dan Kingsbury, vice president of sales and marketing.

“We continue to benefit from the continuing migration of retirees from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic to the North Carolina Coast,” Kingsbury said in a news release. “We expect that trend will continue to drive sales for the foreseeable future as more of the [baby-boomer] generation reaches retirement age and starts thinking about leaving the snow and cold weather behind.”

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