Foreign Trade Zone #214

Brunswick County is located in Foreign Trade Zone #214, a “duty-free” zone for businesses. The FTZ program allows U.S.-based companies to defer, reduce or even eliminate customs duties on products admitted to the zone. The zone reduces paperwork and streamlines customs procedures, lower your cost of importing.

FTZ #214 has three ports of entry and five magnate sites in the southeast region of North Carolina.  Magnet sites are essentially the same as the current general-purpose zone sites with a warehouse operator that has already been approved within FTZ #214 SENC. A magnet site can be used by many importers. Current FTZ #214 Magnet sites include:

Companies locating in Brunswick County can apply to become a “Usage-Driven” site.  Usage-Driven sites are managed by individual companies that commit to operating within the inventory and reporting requirements of U.S. Customs, after recommendation from FTZ #214 and approval by the U.S. FTZ Board.  “Usage-driven” sites are able to be approved in approximately 60 days, once the FTZ #214 application for Alternative Site Framework has been granted, which is anticipated by mid-2015.

Click here to download the brochure on Foreign-Trade Zone #214