Brunswick County is served by an modern system of four lane highways providing efficient access both north-south and east-west. Both Interstate I-95 and US Highway 17 are north-south, four lane highways extending from New York to Florida. 

Interstate I-40 extends east-west from Wilmington, NC to California. Recently, an extension of Interstate I-140 has opened, allowing transportation vehicles easier access to Brunswick County, totally bypassing the center of Wilmington. I-140 connects I-40 with US 421 just three miles from Brunswick County. A new section of I-140 will open in 2013 connecting US 74/76 with US 17 to the south. The last leg of I-140 will be completed in 2016 connecting US 74/76 with US 421.

US Highway 17, which runs from New York to Florida, is four lanes throughout the 40 plus miles it transverses through Brunswick County to connect Wilmington, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC.

US 74 and 76 are joint four lane highways that connect the Port of Wilmington, NC  directly with Interstate 95 and Charlotte to the west and is an east/west four-lane route from Charlotte to Wilmington via Brunswick County. The International Logistics Park of North Carolina and the Mid Atlantic Logistics Center  have recently been completed consisting of over 2,200 acres of industrial zoned land . Both lie adjacent to US 74/76.  Interstate 74 is a planned interstate from Rockingham, NC to Brunswick County.