With all that water comes recreation activities galore such as boating, jet skiing, dolphin excursions, sportfishing and surfing. Each resort offers their own unique style of restaurants. There is something uniquely attractive and alluring to dining out around Brunswick, the mix of great food and diverse atmospheres continues to bring visitors out night after night.

There are 39 impeccably maintained golf courses located in the county designed by such great golf course planners as Cobb, Dye, and Couples. Many are located adjacent to rivers and lakes that provide beautiful but challenging play. An additional 100+ golf courses are located in adjacent Myrtle Beach.

Outdoor activities include fishing, canoeing and kayaking along the rivers and lakes. Tennis, hiking along the numerous nature trails, or exploring the county's three lighthouses. You can also take a trip to the aquarium, the planetarium, one of three museums or charter a boat to catch your own dinner. Brunswick County is also well known for it's many areas reserved for hunting.

Brunswick County's natural resources are a major attraction for tourists. Whether you are an avid bird watcher, searching for alligators, assisting in the hatching of Loggerhead turtle eggs, or just enjoying the beautiful diverse habitats the county has to offer, the magnificence of nature comes alive in Brunswick County.