International Logistics Park

The International Logistics Park of North Carolina is a 1,029 acre joint county industrial site on the Brunswick/Columbus County border outside of Leland, North Carolina

  • Site is zoned I-G (Industrial General). The I-G District is intended to provide locations for enterprises engaged in a broad range of manufacturing, processing, creating, repairing, renovating, painting, cleaning, or assembly of goods, merchandise or equipment.
  • Designated as a North Carolina Certified Site, which reduces the risks associated with development by undergoing a rigorous prequalification process addressing prerequisites such as environmental audits, geo-technical studies, engineered site development plans and development cost analysis
  • The International Logistics Park of North Carolina sits across Highway 74/76 from the Mid-Atlantic Industrial Rail Park, a 1,025 acre CSX Rail served industrial site, which together were designated as one of the Ten Megasites in the South for the Next 'Big Kahuna' by Southern Business Development Magazine
  • Ideal location for At-Port Assembly Manufacturing or Distribution, benefiting from the labor force and amenities of a Tier 3 county with Tier 1 incentive status, offering the highest level of incentives available under the North Carolina Port Enhancement Zone with additional tax credits for new and existing customers of the North Carolina Ports

Mid-Atlantic & International Logistics Transportation